Recycling Is Cheaper Than You Think and Here's Why

Brett Taylor

Many of us relate recycling as reducing personal waste or doing our bit for the environmental problems so often labelled as one of the top five human failings, but some may associate it with something of a burden.

It can be cheaper and easier than you think.

Is it Cheaper to Recycle?

When people see recycling as more than a mindset of “I’ll just go and buy another ream of paper”, they start to see the total costs. It can actually be quite eye-opening if you consider the process in its entirety.

The cost of producing something from its original state to finished product is not without tremendous effort and expense on many levels. Consider milling the trees, and the production of paper from what is a natural resource, the production plant and all the employees it takes to get that paper on the shelf of your local office supplier.

Its human nature to only consider things that affect our own world, but thinking about the recycling of a product to reuse as something else, or simply extend its life, takes us to a whole new thought process.

In Days of Old

Let’s step back in time for a minute.

Costs can add up if you take the old route of several trips to the local tip.

Firstly, the locations and the environment where these local tips are today are completely different. They are more controlled and can be a hazardous place for a kid (and some adults).

As fond as some of our memories are of dad and the kids loaded up for a Sunday morning trip to the tip, scavenging around for the odd discarded trinket, the costs today are simply untenable.

Anyone who has recently gone it alone will be a testament to that.

Like many good things, some must inevitably come to an end, and for good reason.

Let the pros handle the waste stations.

Does Recycling have a Future?

The word itself can evoke a lot of emotion. From ‘What’s recycling?’ to comments such as “I don’t have time”. Generally, it’s about reducing our footprint on the earth and making better use of all too easily discarded ‘stuff’.

For the most part, we all have good intentions. but probably don’t want to see what has been proposed in Perth. The suggestion is that Wheelie bins be made of clear plastic so everyone can see what you throw out. Naturally, this has raised concerns about rubbish shaming, and people being exposed for what they are not recycling.

Recycling should be a state of mind, not a form of punishment. Most people feel like they are beyond being told to “stand in the corner and think about what you've done".

Consider What Recycling Can Mean for You

Recycling doesn’t simply mean melting down existing products to make the same thing. Recycling can be the invention of something that previously did not exist.

Imagine what impact you can have.

Building dog kennels from discarded shelving or floorboard renovations can mean not only Rover has a place to call home, but perhaps a supplementary income from a monthly market stall.

By fixing and repainting an old rusty bike you can inspire a whole new generation of free-spirited youngsters to escape the family on a regular basis.

Doesn’t that make you feel good?


The chance to save money and consider recycling as something cheap and easy to do might convince a whole new variety of people to reconsider their actions.

It's not the latest generation of people that need persuading. They have grown up around the fact that recycling is here to stay. For others, a little shove in the right direction could mean even more individuals and communities rethink and chose to reuse.

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