How to Avoid the All Too Common Skip Bin Nightmares

Brett Taylor

How To Avoid The All Too Common Skip Bin Nightmares

The decision is easy, it’s making it happen that can be seen as one for the too hard basket.

Removing debris and clutter the simple way can, and should be effortless.

There is an easy way out.

All it means is keeping a few things in mind.

Get Organised

It may seem unnecessary to make a plan to throw out waste, but as with all projects, the time taken to consider your individual needs will be of benefit in the long run.

The more you plan, the less likely you will have issues.

Make sure everything is ready to go and there’s no last-minute indecisiveness.

This simple thing ensures your skip bin is loaded with all the right stuff and not onsite any longer than necessary.

Know the Limitations

Are there filling limitations? Good question. The answer is yes. Skip bins should only be filled level to the top of the bin.

Think about it.

These bins need to be transported after they leave your site, or your home. They pass over waterways, under bridges and through tunnels. Unsecured and loose items may fall from the top causing danger.

An overfilled skip can threaten the safety of other road users.

Think about the size you will need.

Be generous in your calculations and realistic in your goals for the above reasons.

Experience Counts

We all want to be dealing with people who are experts in their subject.

From kid’s bikes to diesel engines, it is the industry leaders that we learn from and that truly make all the difference.

Skip bin hire companies are no different.

Look for knowledge of the industry and those who can offer great service, the best prices and the soundest advice for your job.

Engage with local people with an extensive range of skip bin sizes from small to extra-large. It is only those with the know-how that can deliver a headache free exchange

Make your waste removal project an easy one.

Not all Waste is Created Equal

This is one area where the rules are definitely not meant to be broken. Guidelines on what you can and cannot place in a skip be need to be followed.

Laws change from council to council but you will find that the below are a no-go zone for skip disposal.

  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous liquids including paint, pesticides, any poisons, oil. Not even in sealed containers.
  • Animal waste
  • Human waste
  • Batteries

White goods are allowable, but you may want to consider other options, as they can take up a lot of space.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you’re not sure – ask.

The aggravation of having to get that stuff out of there is really not worth it

More Patience than Grace

Sneaky neighbours are unavoidable but there are some measures you can take to avoid having all and sundry throwing their bits and pieces into your bin.

Advising people of the skip’s imminent presence may ease the urge for them to heave grandmas chair into your skip while she, and you aren’t looking.

Reverse psychology? Maybe, but if it works then you have to go for it.

We live in hope that this strategy keeps the more unscrupulous of neighbours thinking twice about taking advantage of your newly delivered skip.

For those with a sense of humour, there is another alternative. If you’re on friendly terms with your neighbours, you might have some leniency, but short of having a guard dog and a bazooka at the ready, strategically placed motion detecting kangaroo spotters may be the way to go.

While it may seem extreme, this option ticks a lot of boxes for no other reason than watching the ‘deer caught in headlights’ look on the neighbours faces when out for their ‘midnight walk’.

It makes for great entertainment.

Who needs Netflix.


Whether its green waste, renovation debris, or whether you are North, South, East or West there is a skip bin solution for you.

The right skip bin service can mean the difference between enjoying the experience or making it something of which nightmares are made.

Do your research and decide on the best for your needs.

Remember, planning, being mindful of possible setbacks and allowing the involvement of the professionals will have you cleaned up in no time….with all your hair follicles intact.

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