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All containers and other temporary obstructions should be placed on your property. Assume that the skip is located outside your property boundary on public land such as footpaths, nature strips and roads. In these situations you will require a permit, which can be complicated as each bin permit may require different standards to be met.

It is essential to understand the requirements of your local council as failure to comply with the rules and regulations regarding skip hire can result in fines that will leave a significant dent in your finances. Before you decide to apply for a permit to transport containers, we recommend that you read our checklist. The list does not include all city and state laws or requirements. However, it is a reference for good container placement practice. Your local authority will have their needs available.

Basic rules for the correct placement of the jumper
Make sure your container does not obstruct the passage of any pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles and does not obstruct the view of motorists.
Do not place the container in places where standing or parking is prohibited.
Reflective markings located on each top corner and opposite ends of the container.
Some states require the container to install and operate flashing yellow lights at the corners of a major thoroughfare where the road has reduced visibility, in poorly lit or unlit areas, and on narrow streets.
The container must have the name and contact details of the container container company.
The waste material placed in the container must not rot or cause an unpleasant smell.
The container must not cause damage to the infrastructure or property of the municipality.
Permit requirements for different councils
The council's permit for a container varies from council to council. Here we have created a basic overview of permit requirements for various locations around Australia. Be sure to check what is required of you depending on your location.

In most urban areas, a permit to rent a container must be obtained from the container operator. A customer can obtain a permit to rent a dumpster in the city center.

It is a mixture of different regulations. In some Sydney suburbs, container suppliers buy an annual permit. This means that the end client does not require any. Not all councils in Sydney have the same convenient services and need the end client to apply for permission themselves.

When hiring containers in Adelaide, the container permit must be obtained by the customer themselves, not the container service.

A skip can be placed on a nature strip or trail without a container permit. However, you must ensure that pedestrians can pass safely without entering the road. Containers cannot be placed on the road.

Inner suburbs require a container hire permit and must be applied for by the customer.

Container permits are required for Newcastle City Council areas and are obtained from the container supplier.

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