Skip Bin Rental Tips

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Whether you're planning a home renovation project or cleaning up some household waste, you'll likely need to rent a dumpster. Most people don't have a vehicle big enough to haul large trash or don't have time to make multiple trips to the landfill.

To make the process as smooth as possible, you need to understand how the skip bin rental process works. Use the following skip hire tips to get the most out of your hire.

Skip a size
A golden rule of thumb when choosing a container size is to go slightly larger than you think you'll need at first glance. It is an annoying and costly mistake to underestimate the amount of trash and require a second skip. It's always better to go a little bigger than you expect to need!

It is also better to have more container space than too little. Overfilling the container is not recommended. Dumpster suppliers are aware of the fact that garbage is being dumped on their dumpsters. They often require you to unload excess waste before they take the container.

Skip bin location
Make sure you have enough space for your basket. It may seem obvious, but this is a skip bin hire tip that you should always keep in mind. Drivers will refuse to place containers over fences, under power or telephone lines, and near buildings. The location of the skips must be somewhere with minimal risk of damage or damage. Don't forget the driveway; it must be at least three meters wide to accommodate the truck.

Make sure no cars or other vehicles are blocking your driveway. Skip container suppliers operate on a tight schedule; As the old saying goes, "time is money". Drivers cannot afford to sit and wait for you to move the car. If they don't have access to the area, they will often skip the delivery and go to another site.

If you plan to place the container on the curb or street, you will need permission from the local council. The details of the permit vary between local councils, but all have codes of practice and legal requirements to comply with. Failure to comply with local laws will likely result in a fine.

What weight can I put in the container?
A helpful tip for renting a dumpster is to understand exactly how much weight you can hold in your dumpster.

Bins for general and green waste have a weight limit of 150 kg per cubic meter (i.e. up to 1350 kg of waste can fit into a container with nine cubic meters). Suppliers charge tips by weight.

The limit of 150 kg per cubic meter is the average industrial weight limit for this type of weight. Contractors may charge additional tip fees if your bin exceeds this weight limit.

Don't overfill your skip
Avoid filling the container higher than the top of its sides to prevent material from spilling while standing or during transport. Properly filled containers are also important from a health and safety perspective. Suppliers will face prosecution for dangerous or overweight cargo.

Can I have a skip delivered on Sunday?
Yes! You can arrange to have your container delivered on Sunday with Local Skip Bins Hire. However, the choice of suppliers will be limited. If possible, request that we deliver the container to you on Friday or Saturday in advance.

How much notice is required when ordering My Skip?
Most suppliers will be able to deliver a container within 24 hours of ordering. However, we recommend booking well in advance to ensure you get the basket that best meets all your requirements.

Get the most out of your container rental
Dumpsters are a lifesaver at any construction site or major cleanup, but only when used correctly. With our container rental tips, you can get the most out of your rental.

Local Skip Bins Hire has easy-to-read guides on waste types and container sizes for more information about containers. If you are interested in renting a bin for your next project, contact Local Skip Bins Hire today.

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