Skip bin Tips for Demolition Waste Removal

Fawad Hussain

Building demolition is a dangerous and necessarily messy activity that requires an airtight demolition waste disposal plan to keep the job running smoothly. Here at Local Skip Bins Hire, we believe that every good demolition waste disposal plan starts with a container and ends with a clean and safe workplace. We provide demolition sites with container hire from Perth to Hobart and we've learned a few things along the way. Here is our list of tips on how to use a dumpster on a demolition site.

Safety around your container during demolition
Working around demolition is no cakewalk; A number of life-threatening dangers lurk around every corner, so safety always comes first. Local Skip Bins Hire recommends creating an exclusion zone around the skip to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the skip. Also, make sure the area around the skip is always free of debris to trip over or otherwise cause damage to your team. Do not smoke around your container or light a fire anywhere near the container.

Hazardous waste disposal
You are likely to encounter many hazardous materials when demolishing many older houses in Australia using asbestos in construction. All states throughout Australia must have asbestos collected and disposed of by a licensed disposal company. Containers for hire through the Local Skip Bins Hire site do not allow asbestos material. Other types of hazardous waste include solvents, paints, acids, laboratory waste, oils and grease traps. Walk around the site and list the types and locations of waste for reference. Use HAZARDOUS WASTE signs so that everyone at the demolition site knows the hazardous waste areas.

Wear PPE
Dust, noise and heavy bulk materials are just some of the safety issues at a demolition site. High visibility clothing, helmets, gloves, steel toed boots, eye protection and earplugs are readily available. Site visitors must comply with your health and safety policies. Good PPE providers also supply safety signage and other useful products.
Skip bin location
When disposing of demolition waste, the placement of your container should be well thought out and the following should be considered:

  • Driveways for skip trucks must usually be at least 3 m wide.
  • Avoid tree branches or power lines.
  • If you place the skip on the street, you will need a municipal permit.
  • The container cannot block or obstruct pedestrians or traffic.
  • Bins should not be placed over manhole covers or any other access.
Use the cover over the skip
There is a lot of waste to remove at a demolition site, so the last thing you need is someone else filling your dumpster. Here are some tips to prevent other people's trash from getting into your dumpster.
  • If possible, point a safety light at your container.
  • Cover the body with a tarp.
  • Find a jump outside of street view.
  • Fill the container quickly. Do not leave it blank.
  • Beware of sharp objects
Demolition debris removal can be just as dangerous as the demo itself, with all the broken wood, broken concrete, and other types of hard and brittle debris. Walk around your skip and check that you are safe. If you see a sharp object, place it securely in a container and make sure it cannot fall out.

Book your skip in time!
During the warm summer months, demand for skips can be very high and supply is tight. Skipper rental prices also typically increase during high demand seasons. Book your skip requests early and keep your demo project on schedule.

Local Skip Bins Hire can help clean up your clutter
Removing demolition debris isn't the most fun aspect of the job, but it's necessary. Make cleaning easier by hiring a skip bin from Local Skip Bins Hire and following our handy tips on how to get the most out of our bins. Call us today and start making light work of big messes.

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